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Some details about the value and benefits of becoming a VIQ Member

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As a VIQ — Very Impactful Queer — you get access to new and exclusive coaching content about human-hearted leadership for queer-thinking people by subscribing to my premium feed. It's like having a mindset coach — in your ear for a year — for less than the price of a private coaching session!

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50% Off Annual Membership Limited-Time Offer

$90 / year

Take advantage of this invitation-only, 50% off the Annual Membership Plan during the private VIQ launch and get access to premium weekly content, including:

  1. New and exclusive weekly series, "Thinking Queerly — 52 Weeks of Queer Contemplation.” 
  2. Q&As with show guests & unabridged interviews.
  3. Coach's Commentary about ideas discussed in previous episodes or interviews;
  4. AMAs: Ask Me Anything and I will write or record a premium episode to answer your question.
  5. Bonuses & Discounts: as a VIQ Member, you will get notified first, get early access and discounts to any new products or programs that I create. 

When you become an annual VIQ Member during this private launch, your membership rate will be locked-in forever. So long as you renew your VIQ Membership in a year’s time, your rate will never increase. 

This 50% discount off the annual rate of $180 will only be available until 12 pm EST on Friday, August 21, 2020, and will never be repeated.

40% Off Monthly Membership Limited-Time Offer

$9 / month

Get the exact same benefits as detailed for the Annual Membership, only that you will be billed monthly. 

This 40% discount off the monthly premium plan of $15 ends at 12 pm EST on Friday, August 21, 2020, and will never be repeated.

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